This is TBET.

TBET is run by Mary Moyles-Johnson who studied English and Geography. In addition, she is qualified in TEFL, has an LCCC and has been teaching since 1979.

After teaching for Siemens for many years she moved on into material development, organization, fair & event handling as well as supervision and training.

Asian and Saudi contracts for various firms have given her an insight into the mentality and culture of these regions. She lived with Chinese physicians and engineers for 6 months while teaching them English. Her contracts have taken her to many large international companies within all branches of industry and technology.

She creates all her own material to meet the needs of each group.

Her main hobby was repairing cars and rally sport and as a result specialises in teaching within the technical field. During her studies she worked for many years as a student in the University Surgical Clinic.

In the early 90’s she started TBET and specialises in the technical fields supporting clients from all industrial and business sectors.

All technical seminars are held by Mary Moyles-Johnson personally.

Mary Moyles -Johnson